Public Policy Update for May

The Public Policy committee is busy working behind the scenes to be more effective for our members.  As a result, the committee will be sending a survey to the membership at large that does three things:
1.  Ask for home and business address to determine legislative districts.
2.  Ask what public policy issues are most important so at to determine NAWBO’s position statements.
3.  Ask who would be speakers of interest at our future PP meetings.
The goal is to have the survey process completed before June.

Did you know that the NM Legislators meet all year long in Interim committee meetings?  This is where the groundwork is done for the upcoming legislative session. In an effort to be more effective for our members, once our policy statements are finalized, some of our Public Policy committee members will be making a presentation for NAWBO during the upcoming New Mexico Legislature’s Interim Committee season. 
We also will be looking out for progress on the “One Stop Shopping” portal that was created during the last legislative session.

The Public Policy Committee is interested in getting its members more involved in NAWBO and Public Policy.  Please consider attending a committee meeting or volunteering for the numerous NAWBO events.  It’s guaranteed to help you connect and build meaningful relationships with other members as well as increase your visibility in the community.

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