Public Policy News

image by Minda McGougle, Director of Public Policy

Our 13th annual Speak Out legislative dinner was a great success. Both legislators and attendees expressed that the conversations were informative as well as interesting and lively. Business cards were exchanged and future conversations are in the works as legislators now have people to call when confronted with legislation that can benefit or harm business. The thing about public policy is its personal. Speak Out proved again that NAWBO is an important vehicle for building legislative relationships.

Speak Out was made available in large part because of our generous sponsors. This year we want to thank:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
Bueno Foods
Builders Trust of New Mexico
Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors
New Mexico Angels
New Mexico Prosperity Project
RDO Strategic Consultants

A special thanks also goes out to NAWBO’s Public Policy Committee who coordinated this signature event! Past President, Debbie Maestas Traynor, was the best co-chair ever. I think she invented the word organization.

Speak Out does not work without our great table facilitators who were: Kay Carrico, Sandy Cody, Merilee Danneman, Lorie Guthrie, Kim Helm, Edna Lopez, Liz Lucero, Robin Otten and Joan Schlueter. It’s all about logistics. Adriane Callinan, Andrea Carvey, Sue Evatt, Alice Garza, Samantha Lapin, Donna Luke and Lisa Obeji handled registration, photography, set up and all the unseen details that make an event like this work.  Without communications nobody knows what is going on and Lisa Brenner, Donna Luke and Mildred Griffee kicked it promoting Speak Out.