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image by Minda McGougle, Director of Public Policy

The 2015 New Mexico Legislative Session begins deliberations at noon Tuesday, January 20th in Santa Fe.

In the following 60 days many things could change or just a few could change but either way nothing will be the same.The theme of the upcoming session is “jobs” and how we create more of them. Connected to this we are expecting bills on the rules of engagement between employees and employers.  How businesses do business with government is on the table.  Also, no session is complete without debating more or fewer and higher or lower taxes.

NAWBO Day in Santa Fe… come and be engaged. Save the date...

Friday, February 20th will be NAWBO Day at the Legislature. Your Public Policy Committee is currently working on this special event. The majority of bills will have been introduced by the end of the day, Thursday, February 19. We will brief attendees on what the landscape looks like so they can advocate for NAWBO’s top concerns and what is individually most important. We will have several interesting and educational opportunities mixed in with the opportunity for personal visits with legislators. We are getting the specifics together so keep an eye out for updates.

Speak Out was the beginning….now NAWBO gets in the mix.

Speak Out was a great success and alerted a number of legislators to what our issues and concerns include. Debbie Maestas Traynor and I will be in at the Session full time. We are NAWBO’s volunteer lobbyists and will be talking to legislators, testifying in committees and providing information back to the Public Policy committee on the status of relevant legislation. The Public Policy Committee is working on how best to keep members in the loop too. Watch for further information soon!

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