Spring Has Sprung and It’s Time to Get Crackin’

Spring Has Sprung and It’s Time to Get Crackin’

Tax season is (nearly) over and it’s time to focus on something else, namely your business. Whether you need new eyes for your fledgling company or fresh eyes to help you improve your established company, NAWBO brings you two professionals to show you the right tools, resources and connections for whatever stage you are in. Come and learn what resources you need, how to access them and the best way to utilize them.

Julianna Silva- Regional Manager, WESST Albuquerque | Marketing Director ¬

Julianna is passionate about entrepreneurism and about helping women business owners succeed. She won’t overwhelm you with TMI but will address specifics on the tools you need to grow your business. Juliana has over 15 years experience mentoring nonprofit organizations, women entrepreneurs, and artists. She works with clients to develop and implement business plans, accounting systems and marketing strategies.

Stacy Sacco -
Who doesn’t know Stacy and if you don’t, it’s time you did. Why? Because Stacy is a networker extraordinaire. Stacy will tell you how to build and utilize a worldwide network. Stacy is a lecturer, professional speaker publisher and a gadabout (but in a good way).


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