Presidents Letter

image I read an interview recently, in which a California winemaker described his Cabernet Sauvignon wine as “approachably elegant, with structure, balance and a mesmerizing finish.”  Without changing a word, he could have been talking about the new organizational structure for our NAWBO Chapter. 

At our January meeting, your Board of Directors and those involved in the creation and planning for the restructure of this NAWBO chapter, rolled out the results of the Organizational Development process that we have been engaged with for the last 6 months.  Our new structure is “approachably elegant” in that it defines the leadership roles in our organization in a way that provides clarity of expectations, accountabilities and the skills needed for each position on the board and the committees that our directors oversee.  There is an elegance in the straight forward simplicity of the definitions that make an understanding of leadership roles easily accessible.

The board has been expanded, but the new “structure” has streamlined the functions of the board and provided the foundations needed to really focus on accomplishing long term goals.  The continuity that is now built into this new structure will provide the “balance” needed to grow this organization in a way that is responsive to the evolving needs of women who own and run businesses in our community.

As for a “mesmerizing finish”, that is all about the future.  This chapter has shown such creativity and drive in accomplishing the exceptional in everything from presenting the unique Go Global with NAWBO program, to our outstanding Public Policy focus at Speak Out, to the professionalism in presenting an educational forum at NAWBO Means Business, that our National President and CEO, our speaker at our January meeting, is taking notes and wants our Chapter to share our “how to” on leadership with the other chapters around the country.  The energy and vision of our chapter leaders is extraordinary and with the stronger and more vibrant sense of purpose that has evolved out of our reorganization, I feel a strong momentum building for extraordinary excellence in what our NAWBO has to offer our present and future women business leaders.

As we begin the process for selecting our leaders for next year, my hope is that each of our members will consider how they would like to contribute to the leadership of this chapter.  We have so much to offer as a resource and support for women in business and each time one of you says “yes” to becoming involved in our programs, the benefits to ourselves and to our membership are amplified many times over.  Remember the old slogan “Just Say No”?  Well, I am encouraging you to “Just Say Yes!”  I promise you will not regret it.  There is so much benefit in becoming involved!

Just saying “YES”,
Your President,
Merri Jean Jones

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