October Presidents Letter

image We want to highlight our newest Corporate Silver Sponsor, Menicucci Insurance Service, LLC. They are a locally owned and have a national presence. As an independent Insurance agency they provide top quality insurance which includes risk management products and services at the best competitive prices. Furthermore, we have teamed with Office Alternatives, an INKIND Bronze sponsor. Office Alternatives provides a professional environment for entrepreneurs to thrive, located in the prestigious Journal Center Area of Albuquerque.  We are grateful for their support in reaching our goals and mission in NAWBO. Additionally, we have hired an administrative assistant, Mildred Griffee, to assist our board to maximize our talents. Welcome aboard, Mildred!

This month has truly been busy with NAWBO representation at different outstanding events.
On September 9th, we attended Albuquerque Tech Fiesta’s Women in Technology conference.  The main speaker was Joanne Wilson who inspired us with the latest and greatest accomplishment in Technology by women. These ladies are an example of Hi Tech contribution for the betterment of all businesses.

At our Santa Fe Satellite Breakfast, hosted by our own board member Christy Martinez, Ann Hollier, PHD with Cogent Executive, was the main speaker, Golden Age Dawning for Women in Business. She stated that women earn 81 cents on the dollar, while representing only 20% of Congress, 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs, and 25% of STEM professionals. However, additional statistics shows 50% of all law and medical degrees and 2 out 5 MBAs are earned by women; and for every 2 men, 3 women earn a BA degree.  She added principles that we can apply to become successful in business. Setting deadlines “is part of declaring our seriousness” and “when committed you do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

Then on September 13, NAWBO representatives attended the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber Heritage Luncheon, honoring Latina Entrepreneurs. Michelle Ruiz, who represents Fortune 1000 companies as a brand ambassador, shared her experience as a women entrepreneur. Her accomplishments were inspirational to say the least.
Finally, on the 16th NAWBO attended the ACCION, Symposium of Women Stars. It was an honor to represent NAWBO as one of the “6 Stars” that shared their innovative responses to continue to be successful in business. As stated, we as women are unique and innovation is simply part of our everyday lives.  “To Believe is to Achieve!”

Please continue to visit our website for upcoming events and keep mind our promise: NAWBO provides opportunities to develop business and personal relationships, build community connections, and influence public policy to achieve greater business success.

Edna Lopez

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