image  Northern New Mexico NAWBO was well represented at our National NAWBO conference in Miami at the International Hotel.  Patricia Chavez-President of PLC ENTERPRISES and board member as external community Outreach, Kay Carrico, In-Compasse International, Inc. and myself, attended. We were inspired by super presentations and great networking opportunities. As a result, we brought back ideas and role models stories to motivate our local chapter members and other women owned companies.

NAWBO prides itself on being a global beacon, so it was no surprise that the “WBO” - Women Business Owners/NAWBO conference had an international focus. Kay Carrico, because of her expertise and knowledge, was part of a panel presentation which focused on international trade, exporting and importing. It demonstrated that banking, insurance, legal and shipping processes are vital for a successful global business.  Do realize that 95% of the market is outside of the U.S. Kay Carrico’s participation on the panel not only gave our Northern New Mexico Chapter exposure, but increased knowledge of Kay’s company’s capabilities that is beyond our local chapter.  Like a mentor, she is ready to share her experience - give her a call at 505-350-7361. She also may become part of NAWBO’s National conference as a speaker. Next year, in the fall, NAWABO’s National Conference will held in Indianapolis. Mark your calendar; it is a conference you do not want to miss!

Our learning experience continued with our October speaker Lisa Atkins at our monthly meeting “You Gotta Be a DOER to be an Entrepreneur”.  We learned New Mexico is an economic “Death Spiral” along with 10 other states, according to Forbes magazine. These are states that are more dependent on the government for their livelihood than the private sector. It creates a formula for higher taxes, deteriorating state finances, and exodus of the private-sector employers - the MAKERS who drive a healthy economy. We (private sector and especially WOMEN) need to start DOING economic development on our own.  Her recommendation is to Mentor an entrepreneur. Encourage your children and grandchildren to work in the private sector and encourage entrepreneurship at a young age!  She encouraged us to google “StartUp Weekend”- a global grassroots movement to learn basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Lisa’s challenge is for all of us to take a role in the private sector, where our time and efforts make a difference.  We can work together to stop the “Death Spiral!”
I took her message to heart.  My company, COMPA Industries, Inc. is a government contractor! We “only” furloughed 30+ employees but other contractors and businesses were impacted tremendously! What a coincidence, her message and the government’s possible shutdown. Scary to say the least. Entrepreneurship and Diversification are musts!

We will continue to support each other and be knowledgeable of changes that we can influence and make a difference. With this thought in mind - make sure and attend our Signature event “SPEAK OUT” on November 20th at the Sheraton - a great meeting to attend. We have the opportunity to meet our State legislative representatives and express our business concerns.
We can make a difference! Our main sponsors for this event are McGonagle Government Relations and Maestas Consulting LLC.  Their sponsorships and participation in our Public Policy committee make it possible for us to have a successful event.

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