April President’s Letter

image  We had a nice turnout at our first Simply Social last week. New faces and re-newed faces.  We had the time to learn about each other and each other’s businesses. Learn about goals and ideas. Share laughs and stories. And everyone stayed.
I worked in a pub in England a few decades. Shortly before 11:00, the owner (publican) would ring a bell and holler “time gentlemen, time”. Holler because by that time the regulars had become somewhat loud and raucous. I thought perhaps that I might need to adapt the “time gentlemen time” message to the mostly female crowd. All kidding aside, it was a great time.
But what we learned is that we need to get to know each other. We typically have our board meetings at the hotel on the second Wednesday of the month. We usually end around 5:30. So we are going to try something new. If you are a member, or even if you are not, we can meet after in the bar for a cup of coffee or an adult beverage or soft drink and get to know each other better. No need to make a reservation but we hope that you can join those of us on the board who are able to stay.
May is global trade month and our chapter is putting on our Third Annual Go Global with NAWBO. This year we will be talking about exporting services. We typically think of products as being exportable but not services. Additional information will be forthcoming.
Please join us on April 15 for our next meeting. I know it’s a bad day but at least it will be mostly behind us. And what better time to learn some things and have some fun and commune with NAWBO members and guests.

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