NAWBO April 2014 President Newsletter

image Our 3rd Annual NAWBO MEANS BUSINESS Symposium was an outstanding event!  Attendees had the opportunity to stay and meet with the experts who presented the workshops and to do business to business exchanges of support and information with our trade show exhibitors. 

A very special thanks to all the NAWBO members and supporters who made this an outstanding event – especially Sandy Cody, who chaired the event, and Patricia Chavez, who made things happen with the booths and the sponsors.  Sponsors, exhibitors, participants and the Sheraton Uptown hotel staff contributed to the team’s success!

The keynote speaker, Jessica Eaves Mathews, emphasized how to become a “true wonder woman” and gave us examples by sharing life experiences. As women we need to work together to achieve our ultimate potential!

Ms. Yolanda Garcia Olivares from SBA Region 6 continued to support the theme of our Symposium – to become wonder women - by being informed and receiving support from different agencies to accomplish our goals.

Comments and feedback from participants:

Speakers:  “Dynamic, inspirational, and engaging”
Workshops: “Very informative, beneficial, topics were current to today’s issues and challenges.”
Exhibitors: “Bridged and opened new doors for local business owners”.
A wealth of information.  Knowledge is power!

Our next meeting on April 16th will be our “Appreciation Dinner” to honor our sponsors and highlight outstanding members!

May 21st will continue with NAWBO’s mission to enhance our business opportunities, as we broaden our horizons. GO Global will offer information pertaining to every aspect of international trade. Seasoned local exporters will share their savvy. It will include professionals from Federal, State, and local government trade offices. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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